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.Plan of Care template .Crisis training tool .Respite: Provider Exchange Form
.Plan of Care Transaction Definitions .Progress notes template .Respite: Parent Exchange Form
.Flex fund request form .Out of Home Placement form .
.Critical Incident Report Guidance .Return to the Community form .
.Critical Incident Report Form . .




Our Demos of Online Tools are self-paced training modules designed to help you navigate Magellan’s Web-based applications in the area of claims, electronic transactions and more. Note that you have the ability to start, stop, pause or rewind the demos at any time as needed.

SNCD Assessment Demo HFWA Manuel Progress Notes Demo Entering progress notes
Downloading the Signature page HFWA Requirements and Timelines .Respite workflow Deleting Browser Cache
Flex fund process Timelines for assessments and application process Out of Home Placement form guidance Protocol for out of home placements
Needs - Goals overview Overview: presentation & recorded webinar .Enrollment process (NEW) Discharge Training Tool
Signature Standards . . .
. . . .


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Magellan resources

Magellan has partnered with national experts in systems of care, High Fidelity Wraparound and behavioral health to offer e-courses and other helpful wellness resources.


Partnership Access Line (PAL) is a telephone-based child mental health consultation system that can assist any primary care doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant throughout the state of Wyoming.

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