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FCC (Family care coordinator)

A person who is trained to coordinate the Wraparound Process for an individual family. This person may also be called a facilitator, navigator, wraparound specialist, resource facilitator or some other term. The person in this role may change over time, depending on what the family thinks is working best. For example, a parent, caregiver, or other team member may take over facilitating team meetings after a period of time.

FSP (Family support partner)

A person who has experienced wraparound. This person is a formal member of the team. His or her role is to serve as a partner, peer mentor, coach, educator, advocate and resource for family members.

YSP (Youth support partner)

A young adult between the ages of 18 and 26 who has personal experience with the system of care as a youth with behavioral health needs. This person can be a member of the wraparound team if the youth or young adult requests it. Similar to the family support partner, the youth support partner’s role is to serve as a partner, peer mentor, coach, educator, advocate and resource for youth.


Parenting a child with emotional or behavioral health needs can be stressful. Juggling daily family life with health care appointments and problems that can arise at home, in school or in the community can be exhausting. It is often difficult to find someone who will simply give you a break. Respite services are intended to provide short-term, temporary relief for the primary caregiver(s). Once respite has been documented as necessary in the plan of care, your Family Care Coordinator (FCC) will help you locate respite providers.

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Magellan has partnered with national experts in systems of care, High Fidelity Wraparound and behavioral health to offer e-courses and other helpful wellness resources.


Partnership Access Line (PAL) is a telephone-based child mental health consultation system that can assist any primary care doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant throughout the state of Wyoming.

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